Starting your new life as a couple is exciting, the future ahead is bright and rich with opportunity. Your first home, your next home, starting a family, building wealth and security… the path ahead is promising, but we also know finding a way to get there can be a little daunting.

The team at PPWM Financial Planning can help you take measured steps to achieve your dreams. We start by listening to your life and financial aspirations then work with you to create a series of achievable objectives and goals as part of a longer term journey.

Along the way we make sure you have strategies in place for financial security, should you or your family hit any bumps in the road.

More importantly, we have planned what we want to achieve, who we want to be and where we want to be. We understand that getting there is only part of the journey, enjoying life and remaining passionate and proud of our achievements along the way is equally important.

It just does not stop there!

Know exactly what to do

Andrew’s client, John, had recently finished his University Degree and received a management promotion in the pharmaceutical firm his was working in. His income increased dramatically. John was sensible enough to realise that if he squandered the extra money on partying, and having a good time with his mates, he would never get ahead and would end up like his parents, always trying to keep up with the Jones but always struggling and never really having enough money.

  • Develop and implement a financial plan for the future.
  • Travel and see the world.
  • Buy a house
  • Create wealth and get ahead.
  • Plan, in the future, to possibly start his own business.

As a result of Andrew’s professional advice and the implementation of the Financial Plan, John had certainty and clarity in terms of his financial position and future goals.  John can now make informed decisions about his financial goals and strategies as life goes on.

The wealth protection plan, John has implemented, provides a sense of security. He can be confident that should a major sickness or accident, inadvertently occur, at any time in the future, there will be adequate funding available to meet medical costs and replace lost income.

John has put in place one superannuation fund that has a clear strategy for accumulating and building wealth over the long term.

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