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In 2013 Bill and Melinda consulted with Andrew for advice to manage their wealth in retirement.

Bill and Melinda were both determined to retire on their 65th birthdays – Gary retired in 2013 and Sue commenced her retirement in 2016.

Bill and Melinda were looking for professional support and strategic guidance along with both financial and investment advice to ensure their retirement lifestyle continue to be adequately funded.

Being able to afford to regularly travel both overseas and throughout Australia were and continue to be essential goals for Bill and Melinda throughout their retirement.

Bill and Melinda are wanting to ensure their capital is adequately protected from adverse financial risk yet have sufficient growth to sustain the income stream they need to draw to maintain their retirement lifestyle.

Post Retirement

When Bill and Melinda retired, Andrew continued to work with them to identify the appropriate investment strategies for their risk profile and develop an investment portfolio, focused on capital preservation and regular income generation.

The portfolio has met Bill and Melinda’s expectations and provided the desired result. Bill and Melinda meet regularly with Andrew to review the portfolio and ensure the investment strategies remain appropriate and on track.

What they like most is they have developed a strong relationship with Andrew and knowing he is a knowledgeable and experienced advisor who cares deeply for his clients and will be there for the long term given they have many more decades to be happy and enjoy what life has to offer.


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