Life with a young family is an amazing and special time there are incredible highs as you watch your children grow and flourish, but it can also bring with it a lot of stresses when you are responsible for the providing for not only now but well into the future.

Your first home, a bigger home, a bigger car, childcare, time off to look after the kids – and most of all, you want to make sure you’re giving your children the very best start for the future.

At this time of life your finances can be under a lot of pressure, but the team at PPWM Financial Planning can help make sure your financial road ahead is smooth. We work with you to create a series of achievable objectives and goals as part of a longer term journey.

Along the way we make sure you have strategies in place for financial security, should you or your family hit any bumps in the road.

It just does not stop there!

Know exactly what to do

Clients are Mark and Priscilla in their late 30’s married and recently started a family with the birth of their son Maxima. Family life has resulted in many changes to the way things used to be including a change in priorities and goals.

Andrew worked with his clients to identify options available to fund the renovations and in doing so put in place strategies to get the ball rolling.

We established an automatic mechanism to fund annual holidays.

We established a wealth protection plan (life, total and permanent disability, income protection and trauma) to protect the family.

We established education funds, to put their children through alternative schooling.

We reviewed and consolidated their superannuation funds and put in place an investment portfolio that has the potential to grow significantly over the next 30 years.

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